Commissioning Hope

The world may be on pause and I for one have had to pause to find a silver lining, as opposed to becoming dispirited during this experience. During this pause, I fully realized it is incumbent upon myself to keep creating. Painting keeps me right, and I am better at days end for it. With clarity, I come realized there were only two choices here: To come out the other side a stronger or weaker version read more >

Justify – how we met

Although I’ve not been immersed in the Thoroughbred breed, my respect is longstanding. All my life I’ve had a peripheral pulse on the ‘big races’ and identified from afar while remaining eternally curious for more knowledge.

Fast forward to the fall of 2018, I had the opportunity to travel with my dear friend Hazel Bennett to the blue grass hills of Kentucky. Now Hazel has been long immersed read more >

How Long Did it Take You to Paint That?

Have you ever asked an artist ‘how long did it take you to paint that’? After years of struggling with how to respond to this question with respect, I have come to the realization that it has in fact taken a lifetime to produce the painting in question. This question is perhaps asked as a result of the viewer being attracted to one of my works, it then becomes a conversation starter where I read more >

Sheila Varian: Full Circle Inspiration

We all have childhood heroes and those we look up to. Growing up on the frozen tundra of Manitoba, there was an urgency to my rummage of every Arabian Horse magazine arriving monthly by mail. I clung to the images of the stallions and mares, memorized their lineages, their offspring, and the farms they were raised on. I don’t ever remember not knowing about Sheila Varian. Sheila read more >

In Praise of Working Horses

Before becoming a full-time artist, most of my adult life was spent in the saddle. During those years literally thousands of horses crossed my path and a handful of them resonated deeply with me. A few were youngsters earnestly learning how to do a job and a few were trusted partners perfecting an already established job. Those horses I vividly remember, all loved their purpose in life. You know read more >