In Praise of Working Horses

Before becoming a full-time artist, most of my adult life was spent in the saddle. During those years literally thousands of horses crossed my path and a handful of them resonated deeply with me. A few were youngsters earnestly learning how to do a job and a few were trusted partners perfecting an already established job. Those horses I vividly remember, all loved their purpose in life. You know read more >

How I Became a Full Time Equine Artist

The Day My Intuition Spoke 

“Horses are a part of my breath, an extension of myself” is my go to quote when talking about my art. So you may be surprised to hear that it was horses, more so the lifestyle around them, that I walked away from. It was a day I remember better than parts of yesterday. In that cold, dim, old arena in the dead of winter, I stood stiff, completely uninspired and empty read more >

Three things you should know about Equine Art Inspiration

I have to paint and I have to paint horses, it’s why I’m here.

I invite you to join my artist’s journey where inspiration is nurtured from concept to completion. View Shannon Lawlor Western where I share my personal inspiration for creating equine art. From my easel, here are three key elements that drive my read more >