Commissioning Hope

The world may be on pause and I for one have had to pause to find a silver lining, as opposed to becoming dispirited during this experience. During this pause, I fully realized it is incumbent upon myself to keep creating. Painting keeps me right, and I am better at days end for it. With clarity, I come realized there were only two choices here: To come out the other side a stronger or weaker version of myself. Almost immediately, the path was fervently cleared to my studio. I now take solace in the quiet days moving much paint around, into something hopefully beautiful and relatable for viewers such as yourself to embrace and enjoy. With regained hope, I am now moving forward and making use of the days with productive creativity

Susie – lovingly created for her family.

Regarding art in itself, one thing I do know is, art gives us hope. We tend to feel better, even if it’s subliminally, when we look at a piece of art we truly enjoy. Particularly when art is created solely for you, of something you hold dear to you. A large part of my work is based on custom paintings for clients of their beloved “once in a lifetime” horse as well as dear pets, treasured as family.

Commissioning your own painting is a very personal experience, one which we work closely together on fulfilling your desired outcome of that special four legged friend.  A painting of such can not only extend, but thoroughly enhance your long term experience with that special horse or pet in your life. The list is long on the animals we treasure in our lives and varies from one individual to another. From the award winning significant stallions to the great broodmares that have deeply contributed to their breed. Having these special horses in our lives immortalized, well, it gives us hope, long term hope. Hope for the future. Hope for next years futurity and foal crop, hope that tomorrow will be better.

Inside the creative thread of being an artist, I feel if I can create even a sliver of hope by bringing a piece of beautiful art into your life and home by immortalizing that special horse for you, then my cup is not only full, more importantly, yours is as well.  The other beauty is, art remains for an eternity. Paintings are timeless, with many becoming family heirlooms, leaving hope instilled in future generations.

And with that I will end, I simply wanted to check in with you while taking this pause in life and share this idea with you. And perhaps, leave you with a sense of hope.

With great sincerity, stay well my friends,


Buck & Amigo – immortalized for an eternity.

A parting thought from when Winston Churchill was asked to quitarts funding in favour of the war effort: He simply replied, “well what are we fighting for then?”