Romal Rain Luxury Candles


The thoughtful pairing of leather & Cuban cigar will be sure to stimulate luxuries of the West through its calming, effective scent.  Custom curated, poured and cleverly branded as it’s own unique scent, ROMAL RAIN will offer you memories of the West at a new level of enjoyment. The rich, earthy scent stimulates our limbic system, home to our memory and emotion. Perfect for gifting, our custom blend features advantages of coconut wax, bamboo wick,  phthalate free & paraben free.

6 oz – approx 50 hours of enjoyment                                                                                                  16 oz – approx 150 hours of enjoyment

CANDLE CARE: Burn your candle between 1-4 hours at a time, allowing your melt pool to  fully reach the edges of your jar.  Wood wicks do require some attention. Before lighting your candle for its next burn tap off burnt ash for optimal flame.