The intimate story of how SLCheval came to fruition is a curious one indeed.

In 2018, I was presented with a challenging proposition from a client. Days and weeks were spent at the drawing board, creating what I thought would fulfill my clients request. Feeling confident with my efforts, I presented my renderings which were promptly stamped with a hard “no”. Not letting go of my enthusiastic efforts, I was intuitively reassured with my inner sense of creativity that, ‘there is something here’.

I set aside my fine art projects and went back to the drawing board. Rather than wallowing in a rejection of of my work, I pursued my instinct and fully embraced my initial creative notion. Weeks turned into months, the minimal became magnified, hand designed images were combined and turned into digital print technology.  What emerged was nothing less than a new era, a renaissance of  wall coverings underpinned by the realism I’m noted for. Fully embracing my instinct and love for the authentic West, this is how the flagship Tapadero Collection and SLCheval came to fruition.

Wanting to keep this creative departure separate from my fine art, a new branding was necessary. Combining my initials with the French version of “horse”, the arrangement of  SLCheval clicked with sense and purpose. Under the newly formed SLCheval, a team evolved between myself and good friend, Pat Minor. With both of us being ambassadors of the authentic West, it was a natural tributary into all things SLCheval. While I remains the creative force, Pat has taken the reins to bring the deeply rooted Tapadero Collection of wall coverings to your consideration.

Our highly customized options have started a wall covering renaissance with the all NEW Tapadero Collection. Whether you are an interior designer by profession or by passion, consider following us at SLCHEVAL.COM where you can also subscribe to our newsletter for new updates and pattern additions to enhance your West Inspired decor. 

Shannon Lawlor – Founder & CEO, SLCheval

Photography Credit: Neville Palmer