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Original Western art & Equine art by Shannon Lawlor

Shannon Lawlor Fine Art features a unique offering of Western & Equine original art & fine art prints. Shannon is sought after for her commissioned horse portraits and is the 'go to' artist in the western performance horse community to have your special equine immortalized.

Western Horseman Awards Shannon Lawlor in Best of Artist 2023

Western Horseman congratulates Shannon Lawlor as the 2023 Best of the Western Horseman runner up in the Best of Artists category.  “Your hard work, dedication and determination has earned you this honor, and we are proud to recognize you with this outstanding achievement.”

The iconic magazines goal is to bring awareness and celebration to brands and industry icons who are dedicated to keeping the Western way of life alive and thriving. With close to 70,000 votes cast across 28 categories, Shannon Lawlor rose to the top in the Best of Western Horseman Awards, with a respectful nod deemed to first place artist, Tim Cox.

Since 1936, Western Horseman has celebrated authenticity, cowboy spirit and the Western way of life. It is because of people like Shannon that Western Horseman has been able to carry on their mission for 87 years and counting.

All images are copyrighted © 2024 by Shannon Lawlor Fine Art Inc.
Please note that the artist, Shannon Lawlor is not under any obligation to provide written credit or acknowledgement of any particular subject, owner or breeder. Consent will be obtained from the owner of any photograph used to commission a specific painting or to inspire an artistic work.