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Original Western art & Equine art by Shannon Lawlor

Shannon Lawlor Fine Art features a unique offering of Western & Equine original art & fine art prints. Shannon is sought after for her commissioned horse portraits and is the 'go to' artist in the western performance horse community to have your special equine immortalized.

Equine Artist Shannon Lawlor

Preserving the West through her work and a passion for the equine, define artist Shannon Lawlor.

Her connection to the land, people, horses and lifestyle of the modern West is palatable in the essence of her work – portrayed through her brush strokes – whether in the soft intensity of an eye of a working ranch horse, or the exquisite detail of a hackamore.

Growing up on the edge of the Northern Great Plains – a region known for extensive cattle ranching and cowboying – Lawlor has been drawing since the age of five, and it’s a passion that hasn’t waned since. Before becoming a full-time artist, her life was spent in the saddle, around the animals she would one day be renowned for depicting in her art, considering them “one of the true stewards of the West.” Purposeful horsemanship is important to her, as is the authenticity of gear – a nuance not lost on her collectors, for her work is known for its “correctness” in detail.

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Enjoy the feature article of NRCHA Sponsor, Shannon Lawlor in the Nov/Dec issue  National Reined Cow Horse Associations very own, Reined Cow Horse News. Eloquently written by Ingrid Schultz, her words create a vision for the reader, drawing you into Shannon’s life work through her art.
All images are copyrighted © by Shannon Lawlor Fine Art Inc.
Please note that the artist, Shannon Lawlor is not under any obligation to provide written credit or acknowledgement of any particular subject, owner or breeder. Consent will be obtained from the owner of any photograph used to commission a specific painting or to inspire an artistic work.